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Chong Hing Bank Detects Fraudulent Websites and Fraudulent Mobile App


Chong Hing Bank would like to alert the general public to the following fraudulent websites and fraudulent mobile app download websites:

The fraudulent websites and mobile app for download look similar to Chong Hing Bank's official website and mobile app. Chong Hing Bank hereby clarifies that it has no connection with those fraudulent websites and mobile app.

The Bank has reported the case to the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and will take necessary actions to protect the interest of the customers, the public and the Bank.

Anyone who has provided personal information to or has conducted any transactions through the above-mentioned websites and/or the mobile app downloaded/installed from the above-mentioned websites should contact the Bank’s Customer Services Hotline at (852) 3768 6888 and the Police.

The official website of Chong Hing Bank in Hong Kong is Customers are reminded to visit the Bank’s official website if they want to access the Bank’s internet banking services. Chong Hing Bank also wishes to alert members of the public that they should not download and/or install Chong Hing Bank’s mobile app from the above-mentioned websites. Customers are reminded to visit the official App Store/Google Play and search for "Chong Hing Bank" to download the Bank’s mobile app for free and do not install applications on mobile device from unreliable sources. For the security information of the Bank’s Internet Banking, please browse


Chong Hing Bank Limited
26 August 2022