Bank Profile

Chong Hing Bank Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1948. The Bank and its subsidiaries (including Chong Hing Securities Limited and Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited) offer comprehensive commercial banking and financial services to individual and corporate customers. These services include HKD and foreign currency deposits, credit, foreign exchange, wealth management, investment, securities, insurance and mandatory provident fund. The Bank currently operates a network of more than 30 branches in Hong Kong as well as 1 branch in Macau, 16 branches and sub-branches in Mainland China, including Guangzhou Branch, Beijing Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Shanghai Branch and Shantou Branch, and Guangzhou Haizhu Sub-Branch, Guangzhou Panyu Sub-Branch, Foshan Sub-Branch, Shunde Sub-Branch, Nansha Sub-Branch, Hengqin Sub-Branch, Dongguan Sub-Branch, Zhongshan Sub-Branch, Shenzhen Nanshan Sub-Branch, Shenzhen Qianhai Sub-Branch and Shanghai Hongqiao Sub-Branch.

Chong Hing Bank was listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 1994 and became a member of Yuexiu Group on 14 February 2014. On 27 September 2021, Yuexiu Group completed its privatisation process of the Bank, which henceforth became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuexiu Group, and was delisted from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 30 September 2021. Founded in Hong Kong in 1985, Yuexiu Group ranks top in asset size of all state-owned enterprises in Guangzhou. In 2023, Yuexiu Group was ranked 235th in the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” and 12th in the “Top 100 Multinational Corporations in China”. By the end of 2023, Yuexiu Group’s total assets corresponding to its statistical standards reached RMB 1,068.1 billion, exceeding RMB 1 trillion.