Corporate News

Notice of Amendment of “Account Rules”

Effective from 15 April 2019 (“Effective Date”), the “Account Rules” of Chong Hing Bank Limited (the “Bank”) will be revised. Please read carefully and understand the amended Terms and Conditions as appended (click here).

The said amendments shall be legally binding on you if you continue to use or maintain any of the Bank’s accounts or services on or after the above Effective Date. Please notify us before the above Effective Date if you do not accept any of the said amendments, and in such case we may not be able to continue providing services to you.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact any of our local branches or call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 3768 6888.

Note: In case of any inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of this notice, the English version shall prevail.

Chong Hing Bank Limited
14 March 2019