Internet and Mobile Banking Activation
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Visit our branches^ / Use Deposit account^ / Enter ATM card information to activate Online Banking Services

You can activate Internet Banking Services immediately at the Bank’s website by entering ATM card information, or upon applying for Internet Banking Services in person at any branch of the Bank or via the website, enter the Activation Code provided by the Bank to activate Internet Banking Services at the Bank’s website. You can also register for small value fund transfer limit service, two-factor authentication service and SMS one-time password.

^ Applicable to personal banking customers (Single authentication) holding Hong Kong identity card, Mainland China identity card or passport.


Existing Corporate Banking Customer

For Company Account, please complete the "Internet Banking Services Application Form (Single Logon Mode)" or “Internet Banking Services Application Form (Joint Authorities)” and sign the form with authorized signature(s). Then submitted the form by one of the authorized signatory(s) to any of our branches.