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Cross-Border Cash Management

Cash management is one of the key factors for the business to succeed. We understand your needs and we are helping you to achieve this goal.

With our footprint in China and collaboration with correspondent banks, we can provide you with a one-stop cash management service which helps you to manage your funds more efficiently.

Below are the cash management services provided by us:

  • RMB Savings and Current Account
  • RMB Remittance / Transfer
  • Offshore RMB Exchange
  • RMB Cross-Border Cash Pooling



Cross-Border Trade Finance

Our experienced Bills Department can help you with your cross-border trade business, no matter it is under Letter of Credit or Open Account.

Cross-Border Loan

It covers a full spectrum of cross-border loan types, including:


  • Experienced loan team to tailor make the transaction structure to cater for your offshore or onshore financing needs
  • Professional advice under the changing market conditions and policies
  • Attractive terms and rates



Commercial Service

Financial Markets Products

Financial Markets – Hedging product package tailor made for cross-border clients
To support the cross-border funding needs of China corporates, Chong Hing Bank has offered the following Financial Markets products packages for China corporates to hedge against their offshore exposures.