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Loan against Outbound Security

Loan against Outbound Security is a credit facility granted by Chong Hing Bank to a Borrower incorporated outside Mainland China and secured (in the form of bank guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit or corporate guarantee) by the Borrower Group’s strong creditworthiness from Mainland China. The facility can be used to finance the Borrower’s general working capital requirement, dividend payment, capital fund and cross-border acquisition in the form of trade finance, revolving loan and/or term loan.


Loan against Inbound Security

Loan against Inbound Security is a product whereby Chong Hing Bank, based on the Borrower Group’s strong creditworthiness outside Mainland China, issues a bank guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit to its Onshore Branches to secure the Onshore Branches’ credit facility to the Borrower in Mainland China.


Inbound Direct Lending

Inbound Direct Lending is a loan product whereby Chong Hing Bank serves as a Lender to grant a loan directly to a Borrower incorporated in Mainland China. Inbound Direct Lending could support the Borrower to finance its general working capital requirement, capital expenditure requirement and refinance the existing onshore debt.
Compared to the loans from the banks in Mainland China, Inbound Direct Lending enables the Borrower to expand the fund raising channel, control the financing cost and have a stable funding source.