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Family Fortune Savings Insurance Plan

Shouldering the responsibility to take good care of your family, you work hard to plan for the future. Hong Kong Life truly understands your needs on wealth accumulation and cordially launches Family Fortune Savings Insurance Plan (the "Plan"), which Guaranteed Cash Coupon will be payable annually until the Policy Maturity starting from as early as the end of 2nd Policy Year. The Plan also offers Guaranteed Bonus which will be payable at the end of 10th and 20th Policy Year respectively. Besides, the Plan is tailored with Family Benefit to offer extra life coverage to parents, spouse and children of the Policyowner (except the Life Insured) so that you can devote your attention to wealth accumulation with extra peace of mind.

Wealth Accelerator Whole Life Protection Plan III

To easily achieve your savings targets and plan for the affluent future for you and your family, it is indispensable for you to have a dependable wealth solution. Wealth Accelerator Whole Life Protection Plan III (The “Plan”) is a life protection plan which caters to long term savings target and aims to accumulate your capital with potentially higher returns. The Plan also offers the change of Life Insured option which enables you to transfer your accumulated wealth to your offspring to gain further growth until age 130 of the New Life Insured.

Wealth Up Savings Insurance Plan

The key to achieving your different life goals is to reap every opportunity of accelerating your wealth. Wealth Up Savings Insurance Plan (The "Plan") provides a wealth management solution with life protection feature, so that you can reach your financial goals of medium-to-long term and protect your loved ones at the same time.



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