"SMS Sender Registration Scheme" for Identifying Fraudulent SMS Messages


To help the public identify the SMS senders, the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), in collaboration with the telecommunications sector and banking industry, has launched the SMS Sender Registration Scheme to prevent fraudsters from sending fraudulent SMS messages to mobile phone users.

Starting from 28 January 2024, the Bank will use the "Registered SMS Sender IDs" with the prefix "#" as follows to send SMS messages to our customers:




#Chong Hing





  • The SMS Sender Registration Scheme is not applicable to SMS messages of which receiving parties are expected to reply to the senders via phone numbers (2-way SMS); or local users who use mobile services with Single-Card-Multiple Numbers/One-Card-Two Numbers provided by non-Hong Kong operators;
  • The types of SMS sent with "Registered SMS Sender IDs" are general informational SMS, non-forwardable (such as one-time password) or dual-forwardable SMS (such as transaction notification);
  • Customers can also check the participating organisations and their "Registered SMS Sender IDs" on the OFCA’s website   (


For assistance, please call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 3768 6888.


Chong Hing Bank Limited

26 January 2024