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Change of Logo

As from 14 February 2014, Chong Hing Bank Limited (the “Bank”) became a 75 percent-owned subsidiary of Yue Xiu Financial Holdings Limited, which in turn is wholly-owned by 廣州越秀集團有限公司 (Guangzhou Yue Xiu Holdings Limited*) through its wholly-owned Yue Xiu Enterprises (Holdings) Limited.

To reflect the new ownership structure of the Bank, the "Chong Hing Bank" logo will be changed from  (the "Existing Composite Logo") to  (the “New Composite Logo”) with the Yue Xiu logo () incorporated therein instead.

The Yue Xiu logo consists of the initial "Y" representing Yue Xiu Group and the initial "E" representing the word "Excellent", tactfully morphed into a roc soaring into the sky to showcase the values of Yue Xiu Group, continuously progressing to achieve excellence. With golden colour as the main tone, the Yue Xiu logo exhibits the pursuit of excellence most apt for the Yue Xiu brand.

In the coming months, the Bank will start replacing the Existing Composite Logo with the New Composite Logo, which aligns with and extends the theme of the Yue Xiu brand in stressing both transcendence and pragmatism. This fusion between the brand value of the Bank since its establishment in 1948 and the brand value of Yue Xiu Group signifies that the Bank will, with the backing of Yue Xiu Group, keep on pursuing steady development like a roc with open wings while continuing to provide quality and convenient banking services to the customers.

Going forward, the Bank will capitalise on the inherent strengths of Yue Xiu Group to actively expand the banking business, with the aim to transforming itself into a competitive financial institution based in Hong Kong with service coverage radiating to Guangzhou and other parts of the Mainland, as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

In the light of the expected opening of the Bank’s Guangzhou Sub-branch of the Shantou Branch in mid-October 2014, that sub-branch will be the first new entity to use the New Composite Logo. According to the timetable for changing the Bank’s logo, it is expected that the New Composite Logo will be fully launched by the Bank towards the end of 2014.

Chong Hing Bank Limited 
7 August 2014

* for identification purpose only