Corporate Culture

Core Values : Exceed・Excel

The Yuexiu Group's core value proposition guides the Bank's strategic development by emphasising the need to continuously enhance operational efficiency and improve the quality of both the products and business operation. The Bank needs to surpass not only its competitors but also itself, thus transforming mediocrity into excellence.

These core values consist of four elements: “Belief”, “Credibility”, “Trust” and “Confidence”. The four elements are interlinked and form a virtuous circle that enables the Bank to “exceed and excel”.

Vision : An integrated commercial bank with cross-border expertise

Mission : To benefit customers, employees, shareholders and community

Management Concepts : Professional・Prudent・Persistent

In the pursuit of professionalism, we establish ethical standards and codes of conduct for employees, and develop and promote new products and services to optimise the customer experience. This customer-centric approach allows us to win the trust of our customers.

Always prudent in our business practices, we have a strong team for risk management, and strive to make our risk monitoring and internal control systems ever more rigorous. Risk awareness is embedded in every aspect of our decision-making and daily operations, enabling us to weather market changes and challenges.

Enterprise Spirit : Dedication・Innovation・Commitment・Teamwork
  • Dedication

Be customer-centric and to provide professional, efficient and convenient services that enhance customer experience. Above all, we strive to make Chong Hing Bank a name that customers trust

  • Innovation

Modern businesses must constantly evolve in terms of products, markets, operations and business models, innovation is the driving force that allows enterprises to sustainably develop

  • Commitment

Having the courage to take on new responsibilities, abiding by regulations and standards, and seeking to execute one's respective duties to the best of one's abilities

  • Teamwork

Identifying the talents and abilities of individuals and bringing these together in a team effort; working as a team is always more productive than working alone

Corporate Style : Radiant・Passionate・Simple・Inclusive

Inheritance of Yuexiu Group's corporate style, every staff has to be radiant, be dedicated to the work, untangle complicated affairs through simple measures and be respectful of differences.