Security Tips
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Security Tips for Using Bank Accounts


You should take the following measures to protect yourself:

  • Report lost or stolen ATM cards or cheques immediately to the Bank.
  • Login to your internet banking to check account activity frequently.
  • Review your monthly statements as soon as they arrive.
  • Always keep any sensitive personal information (i.e. Bank Statement) in a safe place.
  • Do not share or write down your internet banking / ATM password.
  • Approach branches in person for banking transactions.
  • Safeguard your passbooks and cheque books.
  • Update your passbooks regularly to view the latest account activities.
  • Check your account transaction record regularly. Inform the Bank immediately if you notice any suspicious transactions.
  • Do not sign any forms / documents of the Bank which are blank or incomplete.
  • Change your PIN frequently (e.g. every 90 days).  Inform the Bank immediately if you notice or suspect that your ATM card, PIN of your ATM card and / or internet banking have been lost, stolen, leaked or you believe there is an unauthorised access to your account by third parties.