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Chong Hing Private Banking – “Your Partner for Wealth Creation and Prosperity”

About Chong Hing Private Banking

Chong Hing Private Banking strives to offer you one-stop private banking services. We provide flexible and comprehensive asset allocation solutions which encompass investment, life insurance, credit solutions, etc. for meeting your unique needs. We are here to help you achieve extraordinary life quality and have a wonderful life.

“Private Banking+”

Chong Hing Private Banking pursues “Private Banking+” concept – By perfectly combining the Bank’s personal banking and corporate banking services, we aim to take care of the needs of your good self, your family and your business. Meanwhile, our professional team is here to provide you with tailor-made and personalized banking services and wealth management solutions, so that your financial needs during different life stages could be fulfilled and your goals of wealth preservation, protection, enhancement and inheritance could be achieved.

Designated Wealth Management Team

Our professional team encompasses experienced experts with well-recognized qualifications. In order to provide extraordinary services to our clients, each of you will be dedicatedly served by your relationship manager. Meanwhile, our investment consultants will provide you with the best-in-class market analysis to help you seize investment opportunities. Furthermore, our professional team is always ready to address your needs and listen to your comments on our services, as we aim to establish with you a long and trustworthy relationship.

Products and Services

Wealth Management Solutions

  • We provide tailored solutions to our clients in accordance with their risk appetite and return profile.
  • We proutual fund investment
  • Alternativevide the following products to fulfill our clients’ needs:
    • Fixed income products and investment portfolio
    • Financing solutions – investment portfolio financing, real estate mortgage financing, insurance policy and premium financing
    • Wealth inheritance and mutual fund investment via life insurance
    • Equity and m investments – currency-linked or equity-linked structured products

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our Private Banking Customer Hotline for more details on our private banking products and services:

(852) 3768 7606