Chargeback Mechanism

Chargeback Mechanism

Chargeback is a protective mechanism set out in the scheme rules of credit card associations ( e.g. Visa, MasterCard or UnionPay ) which allows transactions to be reversed and makes refund of the transaction amount or outstanding transaction amount to the cardholder under specified circumstances. The card issuer can assist the cardholder to initiate the chargeback request of disputed transaction against the merchant acquirer through credit card associations according to the relevant chargeback conditions.

Role of Card Issuer

In the dispute process, cardholder must fill in the “Credit Card Cardholder Dispute Form” and provide relevant supporting documents. The card issuer may raise chargeback request against the merchant acquirer if the claim fulfills the chargeback conditions of the credit card association.

Upon obtaining the signed “Credit Card Cardholder Dispute Form” and sufficient supporting documents from cardholder, our bank, under the chargeback conditions, will immediately submit chargeback request for customer against the merchant acquirer through the credit card association. If the dispute request is accepted by merchant acquirer, the disputed amount will be reimbursed to cardholder’s card account directly via our bank.

Common Dispute and Refund Request

In general, cardholder can raise dispute and refund request under the following circumstances:

  • Unauthorized Transaction (Applicable for Internet / Mail Order / Telephone Order Transaction)/li>
  • Services Not Provided / Merchandise Not Received from Merchant
  • Duplicate Charge
  • Incorrect Amount / Transaction Currency
  • Paid By Other Means (e.g. Cash)
  • Credit / Refund Not Processed
  • Cancelled Recurring Transaction

Important Notes

  1. All disputed transactions are required to be reported to the Bank within 60 days of the statement date. Generally speaking, the time limit for card issuer to submit dispute request to merchant acquirer is 45 to 180 calendar days from transaction posting date. For the dispute of merchant closure, the time limit for dispute request is 120 calendar days from the merchant close-down and cannot exceed 540 calendar days from transaction posting date.
  2. Cardholder may need to provide relevant documents in support of the claim for all disputed transactions.

General Credit Card Dispute Flow

General Credit Card Dispute Flow

How to initiate a dispute and refund request

Cardholder can initiate a dispute and refund request via the following channels:

  1. Call our 24-hour Chong Hing Credit Card Customer Services Hotline at (852) 3768 8888 for dispute transaction inquiry, and / or click this to download "Chong Hing Credit Card Chargeback Mechanism and Transaction Dispute Form"
  2. Submit the completed “Credit Card Cardholder Dispute Form” together with relevant supporting documents to the Bank via one of the following channels:
    1. Email address:
    2. Fax to (852) 3768 1881
    3. Hand-deliver to any Chong Hing Bank Branches

24-hour Customer Services Hotline:
(852) 3768 8888

Merchant Sales & Services Section:
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Report Lost Card Hotline:
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