Payroll Account Services

Convenient "Payroll Account Services", helps you manage your wealth hassle-freely!


Register and set up Payroll Account Services, regularly credit salary through autopay channel to manage salary and personal finance at ease.



  • HKD Savings Account keeps you stay free from interest tier and account maintenance fee
  • Various financial management solution facilitated, services cover fixed deposit, savings plan, investment, credit facility, MPF management…etc to service different customer’s needs
  • Via convenient Direct Debit Authorization service, regularly Autopay transfer to designated merchant or association from designated account for any kind of bill payment; now you can even make use of Comprehensive Direct Debit Authorization to set up various payment instructions on one-off basis, save your time and ease.
  • Simple registration procedures
  • Our bank customer: inform your employer to change your payroll account
  • New-to-bank customer: set up an account at our branch inform your employer to change your payroll account