Fixed Deposit Account


Now cater yourself with a high-yield and safety savings tool without delay! Through a low-risk yet highly sustainable Fixed Deposit Account, you can opt for flexible deposit currencies and tenors, so as to win stable savings return and try beating the market. Together with Internet Banking Services, you can access to most updated foreign exchange information and flexibly manage your savings portfolio.







  • Tier interest rate gives you higher yield on higher deposit amount
  • Deposit rate is fixed in deposit period and will automatically credit to your designated account at maturity
  • Opt for flexible deposit tenors and maturity instructions
  • Renew both principal and interest at bank's prevailing interest rate
  • Renew principal at bank's prevailing interest rate and credit the interest to same currency (HKD or Foreign Currency) savings or current (if applicable) account
  • Credit both the principal and interest (HKD or Foreign Currency) to the savings or current (if applicable) account of the same currency


Remarks: Relevant fees may be incurred for some maturity instructions (e.g. withdrawal by cashier’s order, fund transfer to other bank’s account, etc.). For details, please refer to the Bank Service Charges list.


Risk Disclosure Statement:

Foreign currency investments are subject to exchange rate fluctuation which may provide opportunities and risks. The fluctuation in the exchange rate of foreign currencies may result in gains or losses in the case where the customer converts foreign currency to HK dollars or other foreign currencies. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable in light of your own financial position and investment objectives. RMB is not freely convertible and conversion of RMB through banks in Hong Kong is subject to the rules, regulations and guidelines from the relevant regulatory authorities or entities from time to time.