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Documentary Credit

With a documentary credit, you can ensure that payment is made to suppliers when documents presented are in compliance with documentary credit and verified by your banker.

You may also apply special types of LC to meet your business needs, such as:


  • Back-to-back LC
  • Standby LC
  • Revolving LC

Import Finance

Importers can apply financing with us when they purchase on documentary credit or import collection (D/P or D/A) basis through our Bank to ensure you have enough cash flow.


Import Collection

Compare to documentary credit, import collection is simpler in terms of documentation requirements. Payment will only be made to your suppliers upon your authorization.


Shipping Guarantee

Shipments usually arrive prior to the receipt of original title documents. We offer counter-signing of shipping guarantee to enable importer to take delivery of goods timely and to avoid demurrage expenses.


Import Loan for Open Account Trading

To enhance your cash management capacity, we can advance payment to your suppliers before your sale proceeds are received.

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