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Chong Hing Visa Corporate Card

The Privileges come with Financial Success

Your corporate supreme status is reflected by your distinction and prestige.

Chong Hing Visa Platinum Corporate Card

Chong Hing Corporate
Visa Platinum Card

Chong Hing Corporate
Visa Gold Card

The first Visa Platinum Corporate Card in Hong Kong for the selected few in town.You are cordially invited to experience the exclusive privileges and the exceptional business financial services.

Privileged Invitation with Extra Rewards

Apply for your Chong Hing Visa Platinum Corporate Card / Visa Gold Corporate Card to enjoy the first 2-year annual waiver. Each of your employees may also entitled to a limited edition souvenir* upon successful application. What's more? For every Corporate Card retail spending#, you can automatically earn 0.5% cash rebate to your Corporate Card account, and shown on the next month credit card statement.

* The souvenir is available while stocks last.#Eligible transactions are counted according to the date of transactions. They exclude tax payments, cash advance, casino transactions, online bill payments, installment payments, credit card annual fees, interest / finance / service charges, late charges, falsified / cancelled / indemnified / refunded transactions, donations and other transactions designated by the Bank from time to time.

Financial Flexibility

With Chong Hing Corporate Card, you may assign credit limit to each of the Chong Hing Visa Corporate Cards according to individual employees' needs and enjoy up to 56 days of interest-free repayment period. Moreover, the cash advance^ facility is available for you to arrange for any selected employees to ease cash flow needs.

^ Cash advance fees apply. For details, please refer to the Credit Card Charges Table.

Better Financial Control and Management

A monthly corporate spending summary report with individual cardholders' monthly statements will be provided to your company. Each cardholder will also receive a copy of respective monthly statement.

Free Liability Waiver Protection

Your company+ will enjoy free liability waiver protection which provides protection against company losses caused by employees' unauthorized use of the Corporate Cards of up to US$25,000## per cardholder per year or up to US$1,650,000## per company per year.

+ Company must have 2 or more employees with Chong Hing Visa Corporate Card in order to enjoy the protection.
##All compensations are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant policies.

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