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SWIFT GPI – Global Payment Tracking Services

Chong Hing Bank is one of the first local banks in Hong Kong to provide SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovation) cross-border remittance services. Corporate customers can track the status and the charges of their overseas payment end-to-end in real time without any charge through our “Centralized Customer Services Centre” or contact our Relationship managers. With our efficient remittance service, our corporate customers can easily manage their funds globally.

Chong Hing Bank is committed to delivering pioneering service to corporate customers such as “new account opening in five days” and “bank confirmation issuance in three days”. Customers can also make an appointment for account opening through our website. For local payments, customers can enjoy the "Faster Payment System" service to make and receive payments free of charge.

From account opening, handling remittances and daily transactions to preparing the annual bank confirmation for your company, Chong Hing Bank provides you with convenient and innovative services, creating an enjoyable customer experience. Please contact our branches, relationship managers or visit our website to make an appointment for account opening.


SWIFT GPI Corporate Customer Services Hotline (852) 3768 7676



For more information, please visit any of our branches or our business departments.