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Payroll Autopay Services

Our Payroll Autopay Services are available in any one of the following two modes:

  • Payroll Autopay Report
  • Payroll Autopay Diskette

You may choose the suitable services to suit your need.

By using this service, you can enjoy:

  • Savings in Time and Costs
    Large volume of salary and wages can be processed with minimal costs. Payments are effected at scheduled intervals through autopay without having to sign any cheque. The procedures are simple, quick and save you a lot of time.
  • Payroll Autopay Report
    Hard copies of payroll reports detailing the amounts paid to your employees are available for your checking.
  • Computer Support Service
    (available for computer diskette autopay only)
    We will install for you the necessary computer programs, including allied testing for reliable operation.
  • Amounts Required for Mandatory Provident Fund
    The MPF amounts to be contributed by employers and employees would be processed and effected under the Payroll Autopay Service.

For more information, please visit any of our branches or our business departments.