Payroll Services

Via Corporate Internet Banking

Our Corporate Internet Banking Services provides a new bulk payroll function, allowing you to arrange self-service payroll transactions as outlined below:

  • Arrange payroll for up to 500 payees per single transaction through uploading document
  • View transaction records and status through "Bulk Payroll Inquiry" anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule transactions up to 180 days, allowing you to have advance payroll arrangements


From now until 31 December 2024, corporate customers can enjoy a full handling fee waiver offer for bulk transfer/payroll services through the new Chong Hing Corporate Internet Banking Services.


For more FAQs about the payroll function of the Corporate Internet Banking Services, please click here.


Via Payroll Autopay Services

Additionally, Payroll Autopay Services are also available in the following two modes:

  • Payroll Autopay Report
  • Payroll Autopay Diskette


Relevant functions are outlined as below:

  • Payroll Autopay Reports
    Hard copies of payroll reports with the payroll details of your employees are available for your easy checking.
  • Computer Support Service
    (available for payroll autopay diskette only)
    We will install for you the necessary computer programs, including allied testing for reliable operation.
  • Amounts Required for Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)
    The MPF amounts to be contributed by employers and employees would be processed and effected under the Payroll Autopay Service.