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Our Bank will launch e-Cheque deposit service on 7 December 2015. e-Cheque includes e-Cheque issuance and deposit services. Currently our bank will only provide e-Cheque deposit service.

e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque. Paying with e-Cheques will be an entirely paperless experience.


Key features

  • It is in PDF format. It has similar layout of a paper cheque with the display of a standardized e-Cheque logo on the face of e-Cheque
  • It has the same legal status as paper cheque
  • It is not negotiable nor transferable
  • It must be addressed to a payee and deposited to the payee's bank account only
  • It can be used to make Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar and Renminbi payments



  • It can be issued anytime anywhere
  • It removes the need for physical delivery and deposit
  • It carries enhanced security features
  • It removes the need of physical cheque book. The e-Cheque book is kept by the paying bank
  • It is environmentally friendly


How to deposit e-Cheque

  • Before deposit of e-Cheque sign up for the e-Cheque Drop Box service provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL)
  • After successful sign up, the e-Cheque Drop Box can be accessed through HKICL website or mobile application


How secure is e-Cheque?

  • The payer is required to pass through Two Factor Authentication (2FA) before issuing an e-Cheque
  • The e-Cheque issuance record kept by the paying bank provides an additional channel for the bank to verify the e-Cheques
  • Adoption of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology in the digital signature of e-Cheque prevents e-Cheque tampering
  • Centralized presentment checking mechanism avoids multiple deposits of e-Cheques
  • The payer may consider encrypting an e-Cheque before delivery to further improve security

Download "e-Cheque" Brochure (provided by The Hong Kong Association of Banks)