Safe Deposit Box Promotional Offers

From 9 October 2023 to 30 December 2023, customers of Chong Hing Bank can enjoy the Safe Deposit Box (“SDB”) offers (“Offers”) below:


  • Offer 1: - To celebrate Chong Hing Bank’s 75th Anniversary, customers whose:
    1. English name in Hong Kong Identity (“HKID”) Card has the letters "C" and "H" and “B” can enjoy 50% discount on the SDB annual rental for the first year;
    2. English name in HKID Card has the letter "C" or "H" or “B” can enjoy 30% off discount on the SDB annual rental for the first year.
  • Offer 2: Customers who open a large size SDB at any SDB branch of Chong Hing Bank can enjoy rental fee waiver on a small size SDB for the first year.



For the terms and conditions of this Promotion, please refer to the relevant link. Please note that such information is only available for viewing or downloading on the Bank's website during the Promotional Period. If necessary, please save the relevant information for future reference, otherwise you may not be able to view or download it again after the Promotion Period.

Terms and Conditions of Safe Deposit Box Promotion


For any enquiries, please visit any branch of the Bank or call the Bank’s Customer Services Hotline at 3768 6888.



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