Retirement Plans

Retire-at-Ease II Deferred Annuity Plan

Retire-at-Ease II Deferred Annuity Plan (The "Plan") is a Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policy ("QDAP") certified by the Insurance Authority which is eligible for claiming tax deduction. You can choose the suitable plan for your personal need, through fixed premium payment, to accumulate your retirement fund steadily. Then you can fully enjoy your pleasure retirement life with a regular cash flow on a monthly basis within the Annuity Period.





Monthly Reward Annuity Plan

To live with financial freedom, to enjoy retirement or to pursue a dream, early planning is necessary. Hong Kong Life cares your needs and cordially introduces Monthly Reward Annuity Plan (the “Plan”) to help you achieve your different goals. The Plan offers different Premium Payment Terms and Income Periods. A stable Monthly Income, which allows you to prepare for the future, will be payable after 1-year accumulation period while the Policy is in force.



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