Personal Accident

Insurance Plan

Personal Accident Insurance Plan

The Personal Accident Insurance Plan (“Personal Accident”) offers you comprehensive coverage, including traffic and other accidental benefits, medical benefits, chauffeur benefits, and worldwide personal liability benefits. We Chong Hing Insurance Co Ltd will be there with our comprehensive Personal Accident insurance to protect you from the loss as a result of unwanted events.

Detailed Coverage

Maximum Claims Amount Per Year Per Insured Person
Standard Plan (HK$) Premium Plan (HK$)
Double Indemnity
  • In the event of travelling as a passenger in a common carrier, in a private car or in an elevator downfall accident causing:
    (a) Death
    (b) Permanent total disablement

Percentage of compensation is based on a benefit scale specified in the Policy.

1,200,000 2,000,000
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement
  • In the event of accidents causing:
    (a) Death
    (b)Permanent Disablement (total or partial) such as loss of sight, loss of speech and loss of a limb etc.

Percentage of compensation is based on a benefit scale specified in the Policy.

1,200,000 2,000,000
Accidental Medical Expenses
  • Reimbursement of medical, surgical and hospital expenses for Accidental Injury.
  • Maximum non-inpatient visit: HK$500 per visit per day.
  • Maximum benefit for Chinese bonesetter or acupuncturist: HK$200 per visit per day and HK$3,000 per year.
12,000 20,000
Emergency Treatment Transportation Benefit
  • Covers reasonable costs incurred for the hire of a suitable chauffeured vehicle, rehabus, taxi or ambulance to transport the Insured Person to and from home to clinics/Hospitals for treatment as Insured Person is certified as being unfit to drive a vehicle or travel on public transport.
  • Maximum HK$300 per trip and 2 trips per day.
1,500 2,000
Worldwide Personal Liability
  • Covers the legal liability in the event of the Insured Person’s negligence causing third-party Bodily Injury or Property Damage or loss.
1,000,000 2,000,000
Overseas Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Covers the Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses back to Hong Kong under a doctor's recommendation
Actual Cost Actual Cost
Optional Benefit
Income Protection
  • Covers up to 104 weeks for accidental Injury which causes disablement and prevent the Insured Person from performing every duty pertaining to his or her occupations from the 15th day of accidental Injury.
124,800 (1,200 per week) 208,000 (2,000 per week)

Comprehensive Worldwide Coverage

The Personal Accident Insurance Plan also provides you with 24-hour hotline services, to ensure you are protected comprehensive wherever you are around the world.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

In case of emergency during your leisure or business trips abroad, you can call our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance hotline for prompt and free assistance in local medical, legal and travel advice.

Simple and Customer-Friendly Product – Hassle Free for Occupation Classification

Unlike the traditional personal accident insurance, Personal Accident Insurance has no tedious occupation classifications. Personal Accident Insurance simply charges 1 unique set of premium for all classes of occupations and covers the Accident arising from occupation except for any claims arising from performing the job duties of the following.

Occupational Accident Exclusion List

1. Aircrew or ship crew 11. Movie producer, stuntman, actor, actress, entertainer or kung fu instructor 23. Nightclub, disco or karaoke club, bar staff or disc jockey
2. Artisan, carpenter 12. Diving or working with compressed air 24. Persons working at a height of greater than 10 feet from the ground of each floor level
3. Laboratory technician, chemist, chemical or petrochemical worker 13. Fitting of gas, water or electrical installation underground 25. Acrobat, circus trainer
4. Commercial driver of trucks, lorries, taxis, motor cycles, railways and buses 14. Installing or maintaining lifts or escalators 26. Underwater or underground worker
5. Architect, surveyor, engineer (civil, mechanical or marine), foreman, contractor (plumbing, electrical or construction), construction worker or any worker working in construction sites 15. Manufacturing, producing or working with ammunitions, explosives or fireworks 27. Estate or property management officer, guard, gardener, park worker
6. Fisherman, farmer, agricultural workers 16. Metal working or welding 28. Butcher, chef, cook, baker, kitchen, fast food or restaurant worker
7. Body guard and private investigator 17. Mining or quarrying 29. Domestic helper, house keeper, cleaner
8. Professional sportsman, racing driver, jockey 18. Electrical engineer, operating or maintaining machinery, assembler 30. Factory supervisor or worker
9. Reporter or foreign correspondent working in war zones or region of conflict 19. Selling or trading or manufacturing jewellery 31. Hawker, hair stylist, dresser, photographer
10. Stevedore 20. Working with asbestos or marble or hazardous chemicals 32. Postman, courier, office assistant
21. Working with the fire or police services or any disciplinary services or any armed force of any unit, country or international authority 33. Tourist guide, hotel worker, luggage porter
22. Gambling establishment included mah-jong parlour 34. Hospital worker, funeral service, grave worker

Please note that if your current occupation falls under the Occupational Accident Exclusion List, any accident arising from such occupation is not covered under this insurance.

No Restriction on the number of Children to be insured

If the Proposer has more than one Child, just pay one Child’s premium, the other Children will receive the same coverage free. The benefit amount for each Child is 50% of the Proposer’s benefit amount for Standard Plan and 35% of the Proposer’s benefit amount for Premium Plan.

Flexible Payment Methods

You can choose to pay your premium monthly or annually. If you choose to settle your premium on a monthly basis, it will be deducted from your bank account or credit card account with Chong Hing bank by autopay. If you choose to pay your premium annually, you can pay the annual premium by autopay, cheque or in cash at any of for greater flexibility.

Free 15-Day Policy Review Period

You will have a 15-day free period to review your policy. If you any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the policy with written notice within 15 days after receipt of the policy. The policy will be cancelled automatically and any premium already paid will be refunded if you have not made a claim.

Easy Enrolment

It is easy to enroll. Simply complete the enrolment form and mail or return it to any Chong Hing Bank Branch. No medical examination is required.

Low Premium Plus Third & Ninth Month Premium Waive

You can enjoy the Personal Accident at a low premium. It is designed to meet your budget and the protection you need. Enrol now your third month and ninth month premium will be waived in the first year. For annual payment, two months premium will be waived for the first year.

Major Exclusions

  • Death or bodily injury due to suicide intentional self injury, insanity, acts committed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, pregnancy or childbirth, strikes, riots, war, acts of terrorism, nuclear weapons contamination by radioactivity from nuclear fuel or waste.
  • Death or Bodily injury due to performing duties as part of the police, military or air force, participation in dangerous activities or sports (such as hang gliding, scuba diving or car racing), during or riding on a motorcycle, air travel other than as a passenger in a licensed commercial aircraft.

Premium Table

(Effective from 1 September 2016 until further notice)

Premium(HK$) Standard Plan
Premium Plan
Monthly Annual Monthly Annual
Proposer Only 144 1,728 229 2,748
Proposer and Partner 274 3,288 434 5,208
Proposer and All Children 245 2,940 354 4,248
Proposer and Family 375 4,500 560 6,720
Optional Benefit – Income Protection (Per Insured Person) 18 216 29 348


Partner means someone to whom the Insured Person is legally married to or with whom the Insured Person lives in a relationship equivalent to marriage (whether of the same or opposite gender) and with whom the Insured Person has continuously cohabited for a period of at least 3 months prior to the accident date.
Proposer who has cancelled a policy of the same type in the past 6 months will not be entitled to the “Third Month and Ninth Month Premium Waiver”. For annual payment, two months premium will be waived for the first year.
“Proposer and Partner and All Children” means the Proposer and Partner must be aged between 18 and 65 before commencement of the Policy, and dependant children aged 6 months to 17 years old and to 23 years old if they are unmarried full-time students.
For those Insured Person who are students, they are required to attend school locally.
The Personal Accident Insurance Plan is only available for subscription for residents of the HKSAR Identity Card Holder. The above premium is only applicable to those who work and/or stay in Hong Kong permanently.
If your current occupation falls under the Occupational Accident Exclusion List, any accident arising from such occupation is not covered under this insurance.
There is a “Non-Contribution Clause” under the General Conditions in the policy that if you are also covered by other insurance for benefits of Accidental Medical Expenses, Chauffeur Benefit and Personal Liability, the Company shall only pay for the benefit which is not recoverable from any other insurance.
There is a “Duplicate Application” Clause under the General Conditions in the policy. Prior consent from Chong Hing Insurance Co Ltd is required if you have a duplicate policy of this plan with Chong Hing Insurance Co Ltd if no prior consent is given, the benefit payable will only base on the policy with the greatest benefit or the policy which was first issued.


The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy document for detailed terms, conditions and exclusions.
The above insurance plan is underwritten by Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited which is an authorised Insurer supervised by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong.
Chong Hing Bank is an appointed insurance agent of Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited.
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