Fire Insurance

Fire Insurance

"Fire Insurance" is a kind of property insurance. According to the past statistics, the annual loss in household contents, industrial or commercial equipment, raw material or stock-in-trade due to fire was incredibly substantial. To indemnify you against any financial loss caused by fire, our Fire Insurance offers comprehensive coverage tailored to suit your needs, the coverage is as follows:

  • Damage caused by fire
  • Damage caused by fire from your neighbor
  • Damage caused by thunder and lightning
  • Damage caused by explosion of boilers for domestic purposes
  • Damage caused by water from extinguishing of fire or other loss

Besides the above basic cover, the insurance can be extended to cover the following perils:

  • Explosion
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Bush Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Typhoon
  • Riot & Strike
  • Malicious Damage
  • Crashed by Aircraft
  • Impact By Road Vehicle
  • Sprinkler Leakage
  • Water Tanks, Apparatus & Pipes

Quotation or Enrolment Information Required

  • Insured Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Insured Address
  • Interest Insured
  • Sum Insured
  • Period of Insurance (Normally for a Year)


The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the policy document for detailed terms, conditions and exclusions.
The above insurance plan is underwritten by Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited which is an authorised Insurer supervised by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong.
Chong Hing Bank is an appointed insurance agent of Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited.
Contact details of Chong Hing Insurance Company Limited:
Office address: L25, Tower Two, Enterprise Square Five, 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Telephone number: (852) 3768 9288
Fax number: (852) 3768 1910/ 3768 9292

Customer Services Hotline:
(852) 3768 9288