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Service Overview

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive Internet Banking Services to you anytime, anywhere.

Features Highlight

  • Free of Charge
    Application for Internet Banking Services is easy and free of charge.
  • Ease of Use
    User-friendly and simple interface allows you to complete any available transaction within a few steps.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
    Performing high-risk transaction online has never been more secure and reliable with 2FA by using SMS-based one-time password (OTP), for example, fund transfer to unregistered accounts and bill payment to unregistered high-risk merchants.
  • Multiple Transaction Authorization (Applicable to "Joint Authorities" only)
    • Company or "Both-to-sign" Joint Accounts can pre-define the level of approvals required for a transaction on each account.
    • Unique Customer Reference Number, password and customized account / transaction access right can be pre-defined and tailored for each authorized person of the same Internet Banking Services account within the same group.

Service Scope

  • Account Enquiry
    Obtain details on account balance, asset summary, monthly statement and up to 6 months' transaction history.
  • Fund Transfer within Chong Hing Bank
    Transfer fund to any designated same name account or third party account in HKD within Chong Hing Bank.
  • Fund Transfer to Other Bank's Account
    Transfer fund to any designated other bank's accounts via "Electronic Clearing Service" or "Clearing House Automated Transfer System" ("CHATS").
  • Online Telegraphic Transfer
    You can register telegraphic transfer beneficiary at any of our branches and online remit fund to registered overseas accounts.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
    Buy or sell various currencies with the designated same name HKD and foreign currency / Renminbi accounts.
  • Fixed Deposit
    Place or renew Fixed Deposit, view account balance and change maturity instruction.
  • My Template
    You can save the following transactions as templates for similar transactions in the future conveniently.
    • Fund Transfer within Chong Hing Bank's Account;
    • Fund Transfer to Other Bank's Account;
    • Telegraphic Transfer;
    • Foreign Currency Exchange;
    • Fixed Deposit Placement.
  • Bill Payment
    Settle bill of over 800 major merchants in Hong Kong by transferring funds from your Savings / Current Banking Accounts or Credit Card Account.
    You can enjoy convenient bill payment services by placing "Forward-dated Bill Payment Instruction" for up to 45 days in advance, and set up payees of frequently bill payment through "My Payee List".
    Click here for a full merchant list.
    Note: Some merchants only accept payments from Savings / Current Accounts.
  • e-Bill Services (Applicable to "Single Authority" customers only)
    You can register and receive e-Bills issued by different merchants within the past 12 months, and pay bills from your Chong Hing Bank Savings Account, Current Account or Credit Card Account at any time.
    You may also make donations to various charity organizations and receive electronic receipts directly from the charity organizations.
    Note: Some merchants only accept payments from Savings / Current Accounts.
    Download "Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service" Brochure (provided by The Hong Kong Association of Banks)

  • Credit Card Services
    View the last monthly statement, unbilled transaction and account balance.
  • Investment Profile Questionnaire
    Complete investment profile questionnaire and receive overdue alert.
  • Cash Advance
    Advance cash from Credit Card to the to your designated same name account.
  • Financial Information
    Enquire deposit interest rate and foreign exchange rate.
  • Products / Services Application
    Apply for Cheque Book, Cashier's Order, Demand Draft, Telegraphic Transfer and Credit Card.
  • Account Management and Other Value-added Services
    • Enquire transaction details made via Internet Banking Services within the last 6 months;
    • Overseas ATM Transaction Setting;
    • Instant Sign Up Mobile Banking Services;
    • Add your own designated account(s) into your Chong Hing Internet Banking Services; (Applicable to "Single Authority" customers only, Joint Account Holders excluded)
    • Set Personalized Logon Name;
    • Change logon password;
    • Contact us for more information or queries;
    • Select Colour Theme.
Easy to apply Free of charge
Internet Banking Services is free of charge. Please visit any of our branches or through "Activation via ATM Card" for application. Apply Details
Customer Services Hotline:
(852) 3768 6888
Activation via ATM Card
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