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Security Tips for using ATM Services

To ensure your ATM banking services is secure, here are some security tips you should pay attention to:

A normal Chong Hing Bank ATM should look like : Stop using the ATM and promptly report to our Bank or Police if you encounter any of the situations below:
PIN pad cover installed
ATM with Pin cover
PIN pad cover removed
ATM without Pin cover
Normal card reader without any foreign object
Suspicious external device attached to the card reader
  Pin hole camera affixed on the ATM

Security Tips for using ATM

  • Be alert to your surrounding while conducting transactions at an ATM or other electronic payment terminal. No one should be next to you or looking over your shoulder when you are using ATM.
  • Beware of anything unusual about the card insertion slot. Check the keypad cover of the ATM machine before using ATM. It should not be removed and tempered. If you notice any camera or suspicious device around the ATM, do not use the machine and report the issue to the bank or the police immediately.
  • Cover the keypad while you enter the PIN.
  • Be alerted when you are withdrawing cash from ATM. Avoid using your mobile phone or listening to music which may distract your attention.
  • Remember to take and check your banknotes and ATM Card after ATM cash withdrawal.
  • Count the banknotes and take your ATM Card immediately after each cash withdrawal. Do not take away any banknotes at the cash dispenser or ATM card at the card insertion slot left behind by someone else. The banknotes will be returned to the ATM automatically after a designated period of time. Stealing the cash left behind in an ATM by another person is a criminal offence.
  • Take your ATM receipt with you. Do not leave it at or near the ATM.
  • Keep all transaction receipts and check them against your account records.
  • Call our 24-hour Chong Hing Card Hotline at (852)3768 6800 immediately or notify any of our branches during office hours if any banknotes are left at an ATM, or your bank card is retained by ATM, lost or stolen.

Protection of ATM Card and PIN

  • Change your PIN immediately when using your ATM Card first time and destroy any documents containing PIN information.
  • Choose a PIN that is unique, difficult to guess and different from the ones for other services. Use a number other than your birthday, Identity Card number or any personal associated numbers.
  • Never disclose your PIN to others.
  • Banks and police will never ask for any sensitive personal information (including PINs) through email, SMS, phone calls or any other method etc.
  • Banks will not ask for any sensitive personal information (including PINs) through phone calls or emails.
  • Do not send your PIN via e-mail/SMS and never use the same PIN to access other services.
  • For security reasons, change your PIN regularly.
  • Do not keep the PIN together with your ATM Card.
  • Memorize your PIN. Do not write down or record the PIN without disguising it.
  • If five consecutive incorrect PIN attempts were detected, the related service will be suspended. Please re-issue PIN at any Chong Hing Bank branch to resume the service.
  • The Bank will send you security messages by either text messaging or other form of alert under certain circumstances. Please check once received.
  • Keep the ATM card in a safe place.
  • Do not allow anyone to use your ATM card
  • Check your bank statements regularly and report any irregularities found.
  • Promptly report a lost or stolen card to reduce the chance that it will be used improperly.
  • For security reasons, the overseas ATM daily withdrawal limit for Chong Hing Card is preset at ‘zero’ HKD.
  • If you intend to withdraw cash from overseas ATMs, check with your bank or visit "UnionPay" website to see whether your intended overseas destination can support cash withdrawal using your ATM card. You should also activate the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function in advance and set a prudent overseas ATM cash withdrawal limit and an activation period.
  • Call our 24-hour Chong Hing Card Hotline at (852)3768 6800 immediately or notify any of our branches during office hours if any banknotes are left at an ATM, or your bank card is retained by ATM, lost or stolen.

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