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Prepare for Your Post Graduation

Prepare for Your Post Graduation

Definitely, you are excited and enthusiastic over goals and dreams in leaving the campus. Perhaps, you want to widen your horizons, travel around or pursue further studies. In realizing your goals, we offer various saving plans with life protection (Prime Reward Whole Life Savings Insurance Plan) to assist you to early start your foundation work so that you will be financially ready to fulfil your dreams sooner.

Your next milestone is to get married and build your own family. You may think of a glamorous wedding, memorable honeymoon and even getting your own home. We offer a range of products (Your Wealth Whole Life Savings Protection Plan) through which, not only you can save efficiently in fulfilling your dreams but also at the same time, life insure yourself and your loved ones against any mishap.

As time goes by, your parents are getting older and need your support. You do not wish your loved ones left helpless in case unpredictable mishap happens. You very much want to protect yourself and your family against unfortunates. Therefore, our life insurance plan (Perfect 10 Whole Life Protector) can assure you all would be taken care of.

We cordially provide you with the following plans to meet all your current needs:
(The below plans are provided and underwritten by "Hong Kong Life Insurance Limited")

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