Credit Card Security Advice


Credit Card Security Advice

  • Using and protecting the card
    • Please check the SMS notifications of your credit card transactions carefully, and report any unauthorised or unusual transactions to the Bank immediately.
    • Do not sign credit card sales slips without an amount.
    • Properly keep all the credit card sales slips / statements in a safe place, or destroy them.
    • Do not disclose your credit card information to promotion agents through telemarketing, public computers or promotion stalls.
    • Do not disclose your credit card information in non-secured web sites,
      e-mails or hyperlinks.
    • Sign your card at the signature panel as soon as you receive it.
    • Properly keep your credit card in a safe place.
    • Do not allow anyone to use your credit card.
    • Do not disclose casually the one-time password for credit card payments to prevent theft of accounts.
    • Please report to the Bank promptly if you notice or suspect that your credit card/PIN has been stolen, lost, used without authorisation or if there is any leakage of information by calling the Bank´s 24-hour hotline at (852) 3768 8811, in order to minimise possible loss and to avoid any chance of improper use of your card.
    • When a renewal card is received, cut the old credit card into halves and dispose it.
  • Protecting the Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    • Destroy the PIN advice after you have memorized your PIN.
    • Do not allow anyone to use your PIN or disclose your PIN to anyone.
    • Do not keep your PIN together with your credit card in the same place.
    • Do not write your PIN on your credit card.
    • Do not write down or record your PIN without disguising it.
    • Do not use your identity card number, telephone number, date of birth, driving license number or popular number sequences (such as 123456) when choosing your PIN.
    • Do not use your PIN for accessing other services (such as connection to the Internet, accessing other web sites or emails, etc.).
    • Do not leave your security device (including mobile phone with soft token installed or mobile phone used for receiving one-time password) unattended. Enable biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition) or passcode lock and set up auto-lock of security devices.
  • Protecting sensitive personal or financial information
    • Protect your sensitive personal or financial information carefully. Be cautious of potential fraudulent website requesting for your personal or financial information, such as in performing credit card online transactions.
    • Take the initiative to verify the identity of the information requesting party through other channels like telephone, to avoid theft of your personal or financial information.
    • Ensure you are connected to the trusted websites before providing your personal or financial information to third parties.
    • Report to the Bank immediately in case of any suspicious situation.
  • Other security advice
    • Check the card statements upon receipt and report to the Bank immediately for any unusual transactions.
    • If you find any illegal skimmer, video camera or abnormal accessories in the ATM machine, report to the Bank immediately.
    • If you find trace of your mails (including card statements) being damaged or opened, report to the Bank immediately.


24-hour Customer Services Hotline:
(852) 3768 8888

Merchant Sales & Services Section:
(852) 3768 8822

Report Lost Card Hotline:
(852) 3768 8811