Credit Cards Benefits

Octopus Automatic Add-Value Service

Convenience and Ease

Apply now for Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) for any types of Octopus cards or products (e.g. personalized Octopus Card, On-Loan Octopus and Octopus Watch), without any application fees. If the remaining value of your Octopus Card is insufficient to complete the transaction, a HK$250/HK$500 will be automatically reloaded by debiting directly from your Chong Hing Credit Card account. Use your Octopus Card for shopping and traveling conveniently thereafter!

Extra Bonus Points and Rebates

Receive extra bonus points or cash rebates for every automatic reload. The more you reload, the more bonus point or cash rebate you will earn!

Flexibility in Financial Management

Enjoy up to 56-day interest-free repayment period for the reloading amount for greater flexibility in financial management!

Hassle-free Spending Enjoyment for Your Family

You can apply AAVS for up to three family members, friends or relatives aged 12 or above. All transactions will be shown on your monthly statement for easy reference.

Simple Application

Simply return the completed AAVS application form to any of our branches or to G.P.O Box No. 11339.

If you are not yet a Chong Hing Credit Card Cardholder, please complete and return the Chong Hing Credit Card and AAVS application form for applications of a Chong Hing Credit Card and the AAVS.


  1. First time application of AAVS is free-of-charge. A handling fee of HK$20 will be charged by Octopus Cards Limited for any applications switched from other banks or reactivation of the service. Such fee will be charged directly against your Chong Hing Credit Card account. Please refer to the terms and conditions of "Octopus Automatic Add Value Service" for details.
  2. Successful applicant will be notified by mail.

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