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ECIC Supported Export Finance

The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) was established in 1966 to encourage and support export trade through the provision of export credit insurance protection services for Hong Kong exporters against non-payment risks arising from commercial or political events at pre- and post-shipment stages. Its capital is wholly-owned by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region which also guarantees its contingent liability, currently standing at HK$ 40 billion.

As a client of ECIC, in case you have assigned to us the claim benefits of ECIC Policy, you can apply for our financing on your export D/A, D/P documents or receivable without collateral:
  • Maximum financing up to 100% of export bills value
  • Maximum insurance amount up to HK$1,000,000 for individual foreign buyer
  • Aggregated loan amount up to HK$3,000,000 for exporter without pledge
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